How to grow basil at home


Everything you need to know about growing basil

Basil is a particularly fragrant herb. With its many varieties, it is appreciated all over the world and used in many cuisines!


Basil, of Indian origin, needs heat to germinate. From March, you can sow it under cover. When the frosts have passed and the temperatures are mild enough, you can sow it directly in the ground (generally from May). It goes to seed fairly quickly, so you can stagger sowing several times: one series per month from April to July, for example, to be able to harvest it in abundance the rest of the year. Remember to pinch some regularly!

To pinch the basil, cut the end of the stems, one or two leaves below the apical end with your thumb and forefinger.


Pinch the leaves when they reach about 15 cm in height to encourage branching.

Diseases and pests

Keep an eye out for slugs and snails!

Harvesting and storage

It is best to pick the stems and leaves in the morning as and when you need them. Basil is best eaten fresh, do not keep it except as pesto!

Good to know

Basil belongs to the Lamaciae family, like thyme, rosemary, sage and many other herbs. It is a family of plants that produce nectar, which attracts pollinating insects and thus promotes the pollination of vegetables and fruit trees.


You can combine basil with tomatoes and squash: it repels aphids!


To order your basil seeds, go to the website of our partner and supplier, the Sainte Marthe Farm. You will also find seeds from the Sainte Marthe Farm for sale in our shop on the park.

For more information, see the article ' Growing aromatic and condiment plants successfully ' and ' Growing basil successfully '.

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