La Canopée des Oiseaux... Take off for a year 2023, full of novelties!


The 2023 season is getting ready, new adventures await you! The Bird Canopy, landart, new animals... it's time to unveil the first big news of the coming year.

A new 5,000 m² space within the 5th universe of Terra Botanica, "Les Mystères de la Forêt" and facing the Basses Vallées Angevines classified as "Natura 2000", "La Canopée des Oiseaux" will arrive in June and is set to be the flagship novelty of this new season.

This new place is dedicated to the discovery of the birds of our territory and their importance for our forests and biodiversity, through an edutainment path of nearly one kilometer.

How do birds fly? Why are they so important to our forests? How do birds communicate with each other? How do they make plants travel? The bird and its interactions with plants will have almost no secrets for the visitors.

This new space highlights the diversity of the 600 species of birds present in France, such as the Bullfinch, the European Kingfisher, the European Goldfinch and the European Starling.

Augmented reality takes the visitor on a journey above the trees

"The Canopy of Birds is a brand new space where visitors will discover, while having fun, the biodiversity related to birds by mobilizing our

The park's director, Pierre Watrelot, explains: "The visitor can listen to the sounds of three birds thanks to the bone diffusion system. The visitor has the opportunity to listen to the sounds of 3 birds thanks to the bone diffusion system. The augmented reality transports the visitor for a trip above the trees, he can put himself in the place of a corncrake, a common tern and a bird of prey flying down the Low Angevin Valleys at full speed. A giant owl of 6 meters high will overhang the 300 m² "Nest of fledglings" with 2 zip lines of 30 meters and a balance course.

Next to it, another structure nearly 15 meters high will offer observation areas with several platforms and a slide with disproportionate dimensions allowing visitors to take flight. The visitor can also discover a bird hotel made up of nearly 100 nesting boxes. This work of land art informs the visitor on which nesting box can shelter which bird to adapt his own garden to the reception of these birds. Finally, a large European starling of 2m50 will repeat word for word the sentences pronounced by the visitors a few minutes earlier...


When the plant is transformed into animal forms and artistic creations

Ants, snails, snakes, monkeys, giraffe.... In total, a dozen new topiary animals will join the Terra Botanica bestiary as of the opening on April 1st.

Then in May, the three giant mosaics, the unicorn, the dragon and the octopus will make their return after their winter rest.

Among the other novelties of this season, visitors will find, from the opening, several works of land art. The first, entitled "Tree hugs", is by the French artist Monsieur Plant, who has already held exhibitions in Europe. The work represents hands embracing trees, a singular call to the contemplation of the plant but also to test the powers of sylvotherapy by "hugging" the trees. Three other works by the Ubinam collective, from Segré (Maine-et-Loire), will also be exhibited in different parts of the park with the presentation of flying fish, a "Lombricapot" and giant acorns representing the birth process of oak trees.



"More broadly, we want to make our visitors aware of the respect for all living species, both plant and animal, by proposing new artistic works each year.


Thus, throughout the season, other creations inspired by land art will appear, favoring natural resources such as wood, minerals or water.


"Our greatest reward is to see our visitors touched by the beauty of nature, in all its forms, and that they leave more aware of the need to respect our environment and the planet.


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