The Mysteries of the Forest

Discover the new universe of Terra Botanica ! In a new sensory journey, in the heart of the mysterious forest, discover the tree tops at several meters high. An experience for the whole family ! Sensations and fun guaranteed! The three giants Robur the strong, Mycena the sweet and Lokas the mischievous are waiting for you and will reveal the mysteries of the forest.

Your adventure in the universe

Your plant exploration

Remarkable plants

The Pedunculate Oak

Quercus robur

The Chestnut Tree

Castanea sativa

The Holly

Ilex aquifolium

The advantages of the universe

different sensory paths

m2 of nets in the trees

giants to meet

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The opinions of our visitors

They talk about it the best!

Great, what more can I say? ...It's an extraordinary garden... Young and old always find pleasure in wandering around....
A very pleasant park, rich in Angevin know-how! A real trip to the heart of nature to share with family or friends to recharge your batteries.