The unusual plant

In the rice fields of Instants d'Asie or the mysterious Garden without Water, notice how crops can shape landscapes... And how the soil transforms plants, like the blue or pink hydrangeas depending on the nature of the soil, in the Territory of Carnivorous Plants. At the heart of the Greenhouses of Extreme Climates, experience the cold and the heat, with the Cold Greenhouse and its imposing wall of ice or the Mist Greenhouse and its 2000 species of orchids.

Your plant exploration

Remarkable plants

Pebble plant

Lithops sp


Dionaea muscipula


Vanda sp

The advantages of the universe

different climates to experience

litre of water used in the garden without water!

amber nuggets to find

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A wonderful day for those who wish to get closer to nature, with quality animations and colourful plant walks. A fun day for children, a miraculous source of inspiration. The whole team is friendly, warm and professional.
Great park with lots of activities to do with the kids. Nature and garden lovers, it's ideal!