The origins of life

Discover the secrets of life in the hostile and mysterious nature of the Roots of Life, lined with tree ferns, ginkgo bilobas, redwoods and other enigmatic plants. A journey of several thousand years: from the primary era marked by the appearance of forests and dinosaurs to the Neolithic and its first cultures. Be careful, a T-Rex can appear at any time!

Your plant exploration

Remarkable plants

Dickson's fern

Dicksonia antarctica

Cycas of bygone days

Cycas revoluta

Giant Sequoia

Sequoiadendron giganteum

The advantages of the universe

metres high to fly away

creatures from another time

metres on board a walnut shell

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The opinions of our visitors

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We had a very good day at Terra Botanica. The park is very well maintained and the staff are very pleasant. Lots to learn and attractions and games that children enjoy.
Every time we visit we want to come back. The setting, the staff, everything is perfect. To be discovered by the Angevins but also by people passing through