Escapade in Anjou

In the Allée des grands-mères, the paths of the vegetable garden, the trails of the Roseraie or the King René trail, relive the plant odyssey of Anjou. Breathe in the hundreds of species of roses, the first of which were brought back to Anjou by King René from Provence.

Your plant exploration

Remarkable plants

Siebold's Magnolia

Magnolia sieboldii

Rose tree

Terra Botanica

Giant pumpkin

Cucurbita maxima

The advantages of the universe

navigable metres on the water

beautiful roses

m² of vegetable garden

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Very nice botanical park, day full of sweetness with a pleasant staff. A little bit of magic with the autumn festival, and a superb sun to accompany us. Animations, quizzes, sensory discoveries, ... A park suitable for young and old.
A very pleasant park, rich in Angevin know-how! A real trip to the heart of nature to share with family or friends to recharge your batteries.