Night show

For the whole family

≈ 1 hour


Extend your visit until nightfall!

A sound and light show

Dive into the heart of the World Tree and discover an extraordinary, magical and sensory universe. The spectacle of nature will never have filled you with such wonder.

Immersive paintings

Real artistic creations will be presented to you throughout your adventure, each time you enter a new universe of the World Tree.

Stroll at your own pace

Stroll along a unique trail, where every surprising light and sound is revealed as you pass.

Interact with the World Tree

The myth has been perpetuated through cultures. Step into the legend and use all your senses to understand the true nature of the World Tree.

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Frequently asked questions

The Terra Nocta walk is not included in the day ticket. A specific ticket is therefore required to access Terra Nocta. You can buy your tickets on the online ticketing service or on the day of your visit, depending on availability. Combined Terra Botanica and Terra Nocta tickets are available at preferential rates.

In order to make your experience magical, we limit the number of visitors per session. We strongly advise you to book your session in advance on our website.

Yes, the ticket office remains open. However, we advise you to book on the website to benefit from a more attractive price and to make sure the show is available.

If you have a period or season ticket for Terra Nocta, you must go back to our Internet ticket office to select the date and time for which you wish to register. Your undated ticket is not an admission ticket.

Depending on the day, times may vary. The show always starts at nightfall. We advise you to check the timetable on our online ticketing service. There is a departure on the route every 15 minutes. Please respect your timetable carefully to ensure you get to the show!

Terra Nocta is an itinerary through the World Tree... Take your time to admire the poetry proposed... Allow at least 1h30 for the itinerary (average time noted) but the most curious can take all the time they need.

Enjoy part of the park with some of its attractions and activities open until Terra Nocta. Catering outlets are also available. For visitors with Terra Nocta tickets only, the park is open from 7pm for summer shows and from 6pm for the October period.

Catering facilities will be available before Terra Nocta.

Yes, don't forget to mention this to our reception staff before you leave. There are also open food and beverage outlets inside Terra Botanica.

Plants are also wonderful in the rain! Terra Nocta is cancelled if and only if the weather conditions are not suitable for the safety of visitors. In case of rain or less sunny weather, Terra Nocta is accessible. Depending on the weather conditions, only the park team can interrupt or cancel one or more sessions without notice.

In 2024, two types of pass will be offered: the classic season pass and the premium season pass.
- The premium season pass gives unlimited access to Terra Nocta (holders of a premium season pass must first reserve a free seat at the park ticket office.) and entitles the pass holder's companions to a reduced rate at Terra Nocta: €10.50 for an adult or child.
- The classic season pass entitles the pass holder to a reduced rate at Terra Nocta, which corresponds to the same rate for companions: €9.50 for an adult or child. The classic season pass entitles the holder to a reduced rate at Terra Nocta, which corresponds to the same rate as those accompanying the holder: €9.50 for an adult or child.

The night walk is accessible to a family audience. Nevertheless, the show includes scenes and passages in the dark and visual effects that may impress the most sensitive of young audiences. Access for children is recommended from the age of 6.

The entire route is accessible to people with disabilities.
The route is punctuated by light shows, which may offend the most sensitive.